Greenhouse «RUBY LUX 2.5»

Greenhouse features

Structure’s Assembly by Large Assembly Components
images/osobtep/ruby/1_big.jpg Greenhouse’s Structure The greenhouse consists of large assembly components, enabling it to be installed quickly and easily
Frame built from double framing arcs made of square galvanized piping
images/osobtep/ruby/2_big.jpg Structure made of a square galvanized pipe Square shaped piping, galvanized inside and out, helps resist snow and wind loads and assures strong protection from corrosion. The greenhouse’s demountable structure. 7 longitudinal slides fixing double framing arcs enabling the greenhouse to stand any snow and wind loads.
7 longitudinal resisting elements
images/osobtep/ruby/3_big.jpg Frame Features The structure is strengthened; arcs are apart from each other by 0.65 meters enabling the greenhouse to withstand any snow and wind loads.
2 doors and 2 ventilating windows with suitable handles
images/osobtep/kremlin/komplektaciya.jpg Greenhouse kit 2 ventilating windows and 2 doors facing each other from each opposite end. Doors and ventilating windows have suitable handles. The greenhouse may be additionally completed by an upper ventilating window equipped with an automatic device for opening (is not included to a standard kit).
Polycarbonate double fixing by roofing self-tapping screws + galvanized band
images/osobtep/kremlin/kreplenie_polikarbonata.jpg Polycarbonate fixing The polycarbonate should be fixed by roofing self-tapping screws with rubber pressure disks via a designated galvanized band enabling to enhance reliability of the polycarbonate fixing and to raise the integrity of its connection with the greenhouse’s ends and arcs.
UV-Resistant Polycarbonate
images/osobtep/kremlin/polikarbonat.jpg Polycarbonate Russian-manufactured polycarbonate Politek, 4 mm thick, UV-resistant to ultra-violet rays.


2.5x4 meters:
Installing 4 meters
2.5x6 meters:
Installing 6 meters
2.5x8 meters:
Installing 8 meters
Lengthening block 2 meters:
Automated Ventillating Windows

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